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Hudayriyat Island
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Marsana, Hudayriyat Island
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ROPES PARK - Extreme Multipass

Includes 10 passes to High Ropes Park + 1 complimentary Zipline on each visit

AED 840

SKATE PARK - Ollie Multipass

Includes 10 Entry passes to Skate Park

AED 320

SKATE PARK - Kickflip Multipass

Includes 10 entry passes to Skate Park, skateboard/scooter, helmet, PPE rentals.

AED 560

BMX PARK - Pump Up Multipass

Includes 10 entry passes to BMX Park

AED 320

BMX PARK - X-UP Multipass

Includes 10 Entry passes to BMX Park, BMX bike, Helmet, and protective gear (knee & elbow pads) rentals.

AED 640

Spend magical Ramadan Nights exploring Circuit X’s exciting new packages and  make the most of the cooler nights while spending fun, quality time with your family.

The holy month of Ramadan often brings periods of reduced activity, so get active at one of Circuit X’s many parks and release some endorphins to keep you moving throughout the Holy Month. 

All Ramadan packages are valid for three months after purchase and during the month of Ramadan, transferrable to other family members. With the purchase of 10 passes, guests receive 20% off regular pricing and one complimentary zipline on each visit, for any High Ropes or BMX multipass.

10 Passes under discounted rate
Valid 3 months after the purchase
Transferable to other family members
Complimentary Zipline on each visit (applies to Ropes & BMX Park Multipass)

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