Circuit X


07 June at 09:00 AM

Hudayriyat Camp 2023

01 June at 14:00 PM

Go Skate Day 2023

Join the Circuit X Skate Competition and prove you are the…

01 April at 17:00 PM

Skateboarding Lessons

27 March at 09:00 AM

Nature Rangers

Join the ultimate adventure this spring at Circuit X Camp -…

27 March at 09:00 AM

Skate Club Camp

The Skate Club Camp is designed for beginner, and…

12 January at 14:00 PM

BMX Group Lessons

Let your kids embark on an exciting new journey at Circuit X…

12 December at 08:30 AM

Island Explorers

20 November at 15:00 PM

Family Decathlon 2.0

If you have a competitive family or just looking for fun…

13 November at 09:00 AM


Join us to test your grit and skill against others at the…


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Hudayriyat MarVista
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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