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Team Building

Outdoor team building activities are designed to create a challenge that enables you to show how you work as a team. When combined with Circuit X's outdoor experiential learning activities, they help bring out participants' natural tendencies while providing opportunities to reflect and promote critical thinking.

Our team-building activities are geared towards helping group members work together more effectively.

Adventure Park Activities

If your team is looking for a fun day out of the office, Circuit X Adventure Park offers an amazing venue for teams to play, challenge and exceed their limits while having fun outdoors. 

The Ropes Park offers adventurous balancing on our High Ropes Course, Zipline, Climbing Wall and Free Fall  suspended from a thrilling height, that challenges your physical and mental abilities or a perfect aerial adventure.

BMX park offers two types of tracks - Pump Track & Dirt Trails, for experienced and beginner riders alike.

The Skate Park is the perfect mix of terrain and challenges for all skill levels: the ramps and surrounding elements have been carefully designed to make the skateboarding experience at Circuit X unforgettable.

Leadership Workshops

Our leadership and team development workshops range from half a day to 2 days in duration, combining innovative tools and outdoor experiences that give participants powerful insights and lasting impact. Our Facilitators have strong backgrounds in business and are certified in a number of psychometric tools. Overnight camps added to an impactful Leadership and Team Program create an unforgettable experience.


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