Circuit X



13-15th July


3:00PM to 8:00PM 

The day will include water, snacks and Park activities.
Suitable for age group: 12 - 16



Marsana Area, Al Hudayriyat Island, Abu Dhabi 

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CALL US: +971 50 195 2944




3-Day Camp

inclusive of dinner

AED 995

What is the Circuit X Youth Leadership Camp?

The Circuit X leadership camp offers a 15-hour activity-based program designed to teach you self-leadership skills through Skateboarding. The program prepares students to be increasingly self-reliant and helps them develop listening, goal setting, negotiation, and problem-solving skills. As a result of participation in this program, students will be more motivated, confident, flexible, and sure of themselves. Most importantly, they will learn how to lead when they are not in charge and how to take action to accomplish their life and academic goals. 

Based on the leadership concepts developed by Ken Blanchard, students learn the most widely trained leadership model in the world, SLII. Leaders, managers, and employees worldwide have been trained in these concepts by the Ken Blanchard Companies. Students now have the opportunity to learn the same time-tested, real-life leadership skills at an early age. 


2-hours workshop indoors
2-hours skateboarding sessions
Dinner Included
Certificates for Completion

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Hudayriyat MarVista
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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